“Art of Faith” - Andrea Cingoli, Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Winner

Last Friday, 23rd September, our boutique PR agency had organized Andrea Cingoli's press presentation alongside the Italian Association of Singapore (IAS). This year the Red Dot: Design Concept 2016 Award has been awarded to Andrea Cingoli, designer and founder of CONCEPTICON.

Editors from Cromly, Home & Décor, DCRS and TechTrade Asia were invited for the press presentation. Not forgetting directors and designers from Designscale, Design Tray Interior, Inspiration Design International School, IM Space, Next Phase Gallery, Sevenvine, Benel, Dreamweave Concepts, Sunyu Products & Services and more.

“Singapore does not appreciate artistic talents”, you may have heard this statement a thousand times or it could have been said by yours truly. I beg to differ, however, as Singapore does have a platform where designers from all over the world are able to showcase their designs. It is through the Red Dot Award.

Andrea presented and shared a few of his pieces including his winning designs: QWERTY Sofa and BALAMP.



The presentation lasted for approximately 30 minutes; we then proceeded to the press presentation with a general Q&A session.

Of course, a general Q&A session will never be enough to get into the creative and innovative mind of Andrea and thus 4 editors were invited to conduct a one-on-one interview with Andrea.

The entire interview lasted for almost an hour, but before Andrea left we managed to steal him away for some photos!

A very humourous and humble man indeed, we wish him nothing but the best for his career and may Andrea be blessed with abundance of happiness and recognition for all the hard work that he had put in into his pieces, bringing him to where he is today.