3 Tips for Media Pitching

1. Know Your Audience

No matter how engaging the content you are pitching is, all the effort is wasted if you pitch to the wrong audience. Before pitching, take some time to find out more about the articles the editor has written or which topics in particular he/she is interested in to increase chances of success. Pitch fashion products to fashion writers/stylists, beauty products to beauty writers and etc.! 


2. Details Are Immaterial

Giving lengthy details about the time, date, venue, product model specs or even lifting the entire body of the press release will not entice the reader you are pitching to. People want to know the reasons and motivations behind your campaign to decide whether it is worth investing time into. Insert key messages such as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and value add by offering additional services that you think might help. such as an exclusive interview or styling samples! Keep pitches short, succinct, and most importantly, relevant.


3. Build Rapport


It is easier to pitch to a friend than to a stranger. Work on building good positive relationships with influencers, bloggers, journalists and editors. Listen to their concerns and try to understand them better. Live out the terms in the word cloud above! Do not focus on solely selling your idea. This makes work more meaningful as well.