Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Azieana

1. Why did you decide to take up the challenge of joining a boutique PR agency?

I know I will learn and obtain many different skills such as pitching, research, communication, time-management and more. I am also keen on having a different experience as I previously worked in industries such as Customer Service, Administration and Tourism.

2. What do you hope to learn?

How to approach companies and influencers professionally to ensure that my pitch stands out among other PR agencies.

3. What is your favourite media/social media outlet?

YouTube & Instagram.

4. How do you choose pitch angles for a story?

By doing lots of research. This is to ensure that my story is current, real and trending. I want to make it as interesting and exciting as possible to attract readers.

5. What are you in charge of?

Media clippings, monitoring, social media posts and media listings.