Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Pei Jun

We are following up on our PR GIRL interviews with Pei Jun who is currently our Press Relations Associate in charge of Orchard Scotts Dental, Citizen and One Raffles Place.

Could you describe your job as a press officer, what is it like on a daily basis?

Everyday is new and exciting. I enjoy working with clients and editors. I am very grateful to be able to work with our team.


What are the DOs & DON'Ts of a Fashion press agent?

Love the brands you defend. You need honesty to fight on a daily basis and create authentic stories.


Your best success as a press officer?

I love working on Q&A with the clients and researching on solid press angles.


What's on your desk?

My laptop, magazines, phone, inspiring quotes, post-its, facial mists, a comb. Tidying up is not really my thing, but I like to think that I am working in an organized mess.


Your worst professional blunder (one you can tell about)?

In an email I mixed up two “Stefanos” who absolutely do not have the same job: one boss vs an assistant. Quite embarrassing.

As a press officer, what do you expect from a Fashion editor/journalist?



What will remain as your nicest professional memory?

When I worked as an intern for Prestige magazine, I was able to receive many freebies from my editors.


What is your favourite marketing strategy?

My favourite has got to be Art Marketing strategy. I love how it infuses art into the corporate sphere and at the same time effectively reaches out to the masses. I think I especially like it for the creativity behind it and how it deviates from the typical marketing strategies. Since the classic urban worker is so stressed out and jaded by work, I think art marketing injects fun and makes them genuinely interested about our client.

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