Getting to Know Our PR Girls - Petrina

1. What is on your playlist? 

Alone - Petit Biscuit

2. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Consumer Reports, World News (

3. What do you love about PR?

It allows me to tap on my creativity and an opportunity to think out of the box. Highly rewarding to be able to mould, shape and influence the direction of story telling on behalf of the client in order to make the most impact out of their brand.

4. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

Under Armour - 'I Will What I Want’. It is empowering and speaks to women who do not wait for permission, advise or affirmation from others to pursue what the want. 

5. What is your dream client list?

Under Armour, Heineken, Coca Cola, 

6. What is your service motto?

Aim not just for good but legendary. 

7. Who do you follow on Instagram?

Mainly travel and culinary bloggers and internationally renowned chefs.

8. What is your way to reach busy media / pitch strategy?

Research, know your target well and think through the idea through the reporter’s eyes. Keep it short, succinct and punchy.

9. What is on your bucket's list?

Live the life of a traveling nomad. 

10. What is your favourite marketing strategy? 

Coca Cola “Happiness Truck”. Selling an emotion that won’t get lost in translation.