Getting to Know Our PR Team - Ilyasaa Syahmi

1. Congratulations on the new role! Can you tell us more about your background in communications and your role at Publicist PR?

I have cut my teeth in events marketing, sponsorship and sales. My key assets are creativity and resourcefulness as well as my desire to contribute to the team.

2. What kinds of client segment do you cover and most keen on?

I am focusing on tech, food, music, travel and hospitality.

3. What do you love best about PR & Events business?

I like to meet people from all walks of life and experiencing different cultures.  Other than travelling, the one easy way to do so is to go to events. 

4. Who would be on your dream client list?

Samsung, P&G, Charles & Keith and Razer. They are just the top few out of the long list I have as my dream client.

5. What makes a good phone pitch / pitch strategy? What is your way to reach busy media?

What makes a good pitch is something that captures the audience's attention and interest, especially so during the first 30 seconds of your conversation. In any case that that fails you, you need to have some prepared responses to any objections you have predicted beforehand and be quick-witted about it when you get a query you never expected. My own way to reach busy media when all conservative methods fail? I would try calling in during the lunch hour as most busy people tend to have their lunch in the office.

6. What do you believe are some upcoming trends and challenges to keep an eye on?

Looking at the tech world and how fast it evolves is always fascinating me.

7. Where do you get your news from?

I get my news from various sources online. Most of the time that would be from CNA, AJ, RT, Marketing Interactive, IGN, Tech in Asia and anything else found on my social media news feed.

8. What is your bucket list?

I would love to tour the globe with any of my favourite bands or go on a road-trip exploring the whole of Southeast Asia.

9. What is on your playlist?

EDM, pop, and rock music.

10. What is your favourite magazine / news media?

Juice, SG, TimeOut 

11. What do you love about PR?

I like creating great memorable events and pitching in new story angles and handling clients.

12. Which is your favourite PR campaign in 2016 so far? Why?

In my own opinion, that would be Star Wars at Changi Airport as that was the one and only campaign in 2016 I can best remember. If a campaign that is still vividly clear in your mind is not the best campaign, then what is?

13. What is your service motto? 

Think creative. Be different.

14. Who do you follow on Instagram?

A few of my favourite bands, National Geographic, Discovery and of course the people I love.

15. What is your favourite marketing strategy?

Guerilla marketing.