What do you get when you a British fashion label decides to look to Damien Hirst for inspiration? Dissection is it. Over at N. Tyler, a British label inspired by the work of Savile Row’s craftsmanship and bespoke quality, they have enlisted the help of architect Dennis Cheok of Upstairs to play out his architectural wonder. White marble flooring in herringbone detail reference the classic shirt prints while timber in a shade of delicious chocolate set the stage for a retail space that is wildly punctuated with British artist Damien Hirst’s ideas of dissection. Better known for his controversial works of a dissected cow, a dissected shark and a dissected calf across a long career in modern British art, Hirst’s work has inspired Cheok to create dissected tables and pedestals paired with truncated legs. Suspended from the ceiling with the assistance of stainless steel bars, the furniture appear to be in motion – they would almost float away at the slightest hint of wind.

This gorgeous shrine to menswear at Marina Bay Sands needs to be seen to be believed. Need we say more?