Dedicated to the rhythmic nuances of electronic and house music, PIONEER’s new “Superior Club Sound” headphones are aimed at the new generation of music lovers and party goers who are addicted to the overwhelming feel of music and sound, that only one can experience in a club. Breathing colour and life into their headphones, PIONEER has collaborated with promising young local and regional fashion designers who were tasked to design the Superior Club Sound headphones according to their own design aesthetic. 

Highlighting the spirit of creativity, the designer headphones were showcased at the Radikal Forze Street Dance Festival Weekend 2014. The collaboration saw the ingenuity of PIONEER’S sound engineering with the creativity and design aesthetics of our young local and regional designers. The creative talents that worked with PIONEER includes DEPRESSION, MASH UP, POSSI-TILLY-TY, FRÜFRÜ & TIGERLILY, PESTLE & MORTAR, PROUD RACE and 13 LUCKY MONKEY. 

White for the Lady.  

The result of incorporating sound bites with designer artistry was a series of unique, expressive and “alive” headphones. It has definitely paved way towards a revolutionary spin and how electronics can be perceived as a fashion medium. Besides, these designs just look great on on the runway too. 

AND! The BEST DESIGN Award was triumphed by local fashion brand DEPRESSION. 

Depression proves that headphones can be used as a fashion statement. With its design inspired  themes, their latest collection depicts style with its details and intricacy. Plus, you  just cant go wrong with Black. 

FRÜFRÜ & TIGERLILY headphone design charmed Fashionistas with its beautiful contrast of candy colours.

Pioneer's designer headphone series will be available for sale at the end of April. So be the first to own it!