Experience noise-free, superior cleaning performance with Tefal’s latest Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaner

Experience noise-free, superior cleaning performance with

Tefal’s latest Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaner

The first and only in Singapore with a 4A rating – your family (and pets!) will thank you for it


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(L to R) Silence Force 4A Animal Care Pro Version (Snow White/TW6477) and Silence Force 4A (Mystic Blue/ TW6451)


Singapore, 15 June 2017– Tefal, the leading French brand for kitchen and home appliances presents a breakthrough in vacuum cleaners with the Silence Force 4A. Having passed the European Energy label tests with the highest possible scores, the Tefal’s Silence Force 4A guarantees an outstanding cleaning performance in extreme silence – even when on maximum power. Yes – finally a vacuum cleaner that performs a cut above the rest - all without the noise that typically disrupts your little ones or pets during their nap time.


Lightweight and compact, clean even the most challenging corners of your home with this multi-purpose vacuum cleaner that has scored straight A’s at the European Energy Label tests:

  • A in dust pick-up on carpet

  • A in dust pick-up on hard floors with crevices

  • A in energy efficiency with 750W motor with equivalent cleaning performance of 2200W

  • A in dust reemission with 99.99% of the dust filtered


  1. Energy efficient with best in class cleaning results

Designed for smart and effective cleaning, the powerful deep-clean suction head optimizes air flow to remove deep down dust and dirt, from all floor types, including carpets, rugs and hard floors with crevices.


Built for sustainable modern homes, the Silence Force 4A is also significantly more energy efficient with a 750W motor that has the power equivalent of a 2200W motor.


  1. Extreme silence when on maximum power

Frustrated when you have to raise your voice to be heard while vacuuming? With the Silence Force 4A that emits a hum at 66 dB – a conversational volume – you can now hold a conversation even when vacuuming on maximum power. If it is still too loud when you have a sleeping baby in the house, switch to the new Silence Mode (64dB) for a cleaning experience that is music to the ears.


  1. No dust escapes with extreme filtration

With 3 levels of extreme filtration that filters 99.99% of the vacuumed dust, the Silence Force 4A is the choice vacuum cleaner for individuals sensitive to allergens and dust.


Say “Goodbye” to that cloud of dust when changing your vacuum bag with the new Hygiene+ filter bag that comes complete with a self-closing flap. This ingenious measure ensures zero dust escapes the Hygiene+ filter bag, doing without the need to wash or change the filter.


  1. Improved Ergonomics

Breeze through the house with the improved ergonomic design of this smooth operator that allows you to maneuver as you desire with the 4 multi-directional wheels. Also, changing the speed mode need not be back-breaking anymore with the power control on the handle.

A handy Easy Brush duster that comes attached to the wieldy wand slides open conveniently to gently suck and clean surfaces. If you need an extra helping ‘hand’ to reach every nook and cranny, just snap on the Crevice Tool. With these additional cleaning accessories that integrate intelligently into the vacuum cleaner, enjoy greater convenience at your fingertips.


Tefal Silence Force 4A Animal Care Pro Version for owners with furry friends

The Silence Force 4A also comes in the Animal Care Pro version with advanced cleaning solutions for pet owners.


The model is further equipped with both the Maxi and Mini Turbo Brush that effectively picks up allergens, bacteria and fine fur on couches and furniture, into the Hygiene+ bag with Tego® Sorb, a highly-effective, fast-acting and long-lasting odor absorber.


Availability and Price

The Tefal Silence Force 4A vacuum cleaners are available at authorized electrical stores and departmental stalls. Prices as follows:-


Silence Force 4A (Mystic Blue/ TW6451): $499

Silence Force 4A Animal Care Pro Version (Snow White/ TW6477): $569


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