Singapore, October 2014 – Nestled in Keppel Bay, Kacyo makes its debut, bringing to the Singapore food scene a stunning new concept. Boasting some of the most delectable seafood dishes, expect to taste the authentic flavors of Japan’s finest Sushi, Robatayaki and Teppanyaki, in one of Singapore’s most celebrated establishments. Diners can enjoy fine dining, unparalleled service, tasting only the freshest ingredients. Takumi Kacyo combines the freshest seafood from Tsukiji Market and ingredients from all over Japan to offer a mouth-watering menu that is sure to satisfy.


A Harmonious Blend of Flavours

This new collaboration with Kacyo will allow diners to experience the beautifully epicurean culture of Japanese cuisine. The intricately designed interior and tastefully curated Japanese art pieces will take diners on a cultural journey, steeped in divine flavours and rich aromas. Taking the epicurean experience to the next level, Kacyo has brand new offerings like Japanese Bouillabaisse in Kacyo Style (a variety of fresh seafood in Bouillabaisse), Premium A5 Wagyu Tenderloin (Teppan cooked Japanese Premium A5 Wagyu Tenderloin seared with Oroshi Ponzu, salt, and wasabi) and Yaki Shabu-Shabu served with Ponzu Sauce (lightly seared sliced Japanese beef served with ponzu sauce and grated daikon).


Diners will be spoilt for choice between the superb sushi selection and sensational Robatayaki station from Takumi and even more so when Kacyo’s famed Teppanyaki counter is added to the mix. The different menus encourage patrons to select from the different styles of cuisine, all of which will come together in an amazing burst of flavour.


Enjoy a wonderful meal with unparalleled views of the marina at the specialty counters that offer front row seats to the robata and teppan stations. Overlooking the marina and yacht club, diners will be able to see the boats as they sail by. The minimalist chic décor is tastefully balanced and stylish, offering the ideal combination for both business and social events.


To find out more about the upcoming events, connect with Takumi Kacyo at http://takumirestaurants.com/