Nana’s Green Tea Cafe Now Open at Plaza Singapura

Nana’s Green Tea Cafe Now Open at Plaza Singapura

Introducing Hip, Fun and Flavourable Matcha Tea and Japanese Cuisine to Singapore

Singapore 6 December, 2012 – Nana’s Green Tea Café, Singapore’s very own modern Japanese restaurant and Matcha tea bar is pleased to announce the much awaited opening of its flagship store on 21 December 2012 at Plaza Singapura.

Well-known in Japan as the “Japanese Starbucks” and voted No.1 brand among Japanese Cafe among matcha lovers, the café is now a favourite amongst a new generation of tea drinkers who are looking for tasty and artistic matcha creations. Now offering food items to compliment the beverages and desserts, the Singapore café is the first outlet outside Japan. Keeping the essence of the Japanese tea drinking culture, the space is built for social gatherings over a love for modern Japanese cuisine and good quality matcha.

“Nana’s Green Tea Café has been a key influence in the tea drinking culture since we started in Tokyo ten years ago. We are delighted for the opportunity to inspire the same tea drinking culture and promote the benefits of tea drinking here in Singapore and South East Asia. Nana’s will be a place that not only serves quality Japanese cuisine but also innovative and tasty recipes for our customers to enjoy with family and friends.” Mr Kazuto Kutami, Founder

Apart from offering tantalizing Matcha tea, Ms Wakiko, Nana’s Area Manager recommends pairing Nana’s signature ‘Uji-Matcha’ (Japanese Green Tea) served as an espresso) with their popular Salmon dishes like the Salmon & Magura Don – salmon sashimi served over warm Japanese rice garnished with sesame, nori, Japanese pickled ginger, spring onion, Daikon Cress and a touch of mayonnaise sauce.

The new menu also offers a range of delightful dessert creations that are artistic and healthy like the Soft Cream Anmitsu, a soft serve vanilla ice-cream with red bean paste, white mochi and ‘Kanaten’ (traditional Japanese herbal jelly).

Designed by award wining architecture firm Mr. Masahiro Yoshida and his team at Kamitopen, the Nana Green Tea restaurant concept offers a contemporary twist on a traditional tea ceremony space with the Singapore outlet.
Customers are immediately drawn to modern wooden rectangle frames in the warmly lit restaurant. Suspended from the ceiling, the wooden frames make an curious table setting with Nana’s signature ‘cha-tsuru’ (tea leaves and crane) and covered with translucent rice paper used for a Japanese ‘shōji’ (door). The interior is lined with four rows of suspended square frames, similar to the exterior where they are unique tables that seats 4 to 6 persons per square frame. This clever arrangement of the lit frames allows customers to enjoy modern Japanese cuisine privately despite being in an open concept space.

Nana’s Green Tea Café opens on 21st December in Plaza Singapura. This is Nana’s first restaurant café concept in South East Asia and will be followed by two more openings in Indonesia and Hong Kong next year.

About Nana’s Green Tea Café

Established ten years ago in Tokyo, ‘‘Nana’s Green Tea’’ is a pioneer of Japanese cafe dealing with ‘‘Matcha’’, green powdered tea. There are 32 outlets in Japan and Singapore is the first outlet outside of Japan. Plaza Singapura is its flagship store in Singapore.

"Nana's Green Tea" gained popularity and became known as the ‘Japanese Starbucks’ where tea drinking is a culture. Nana’s Green Tea Cafe was also awarded the No.1 brand among Japanese cafe. All green tea leaves served in the Café are imported from Kyoto only, which is the most famous production center of ‘‘Matcha’’, aiming at delivering genuine Japanese taste and health to modern people. Our aim is to introduce the finest Japanese food culture and tradition to the world and enrich people's life.

The logo mark is designed in the motif of ‘Cha-sen’, a tea stirrer. Combined with the idea of ‘nanaha’, which means seven leaves. From this, the logo is thus named ‘nana-sen’.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Plaza Singapura,
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839

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