To celebrate BYCH's 8th anniversary celebration, BYCH invited hot bloggers from NUFFNANG for a private hot yoga class. All 40 bloggers were able to enjoy BYCH Hot Yoga and learn how regular practice helps to maintain mobility. Happy bloggers loved the classes and were thrilled to re-establish a connection between mind and body; and balance flexibility and strength.

"BYCH Hot Yoga’s classes focus on practicing yoga postures with precision and intensity. This allows bones and muscles, the whole body, to work together efficiently, promoting the healing process while quietening the mind. Practitioners de-stress in class and experience calmness and serenity, even as they are sweating it out. It is a form of physical mediation, says Artistic Director, Miss Diane Lee."

Physically accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels and conditions, BYCH Hot Yoga leads to increased health, fitness, mental clarity and ultimate relaxation for practitioners by building a strong physical and mental foundation. So if you are ready to try hot yoga with BYCH Hot Yoga? Get your beginner’s pass here: check out



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