Singapore, 1st November 2013 - Ear deformity most often begins from birth and is one of the most frequently overlooked infant disfigurements. Statistical data shows that infant ear deformities occur at a rate between 20% and 35% of all births. While approximately 30% of ear deformities can correct with time, others can be more serious, resulting in hearing loss and the child may also suffers potential psychological damages from teasing/bullying in their later years. Seeking treatment as quickly as possible can ensure your child is able to enjoy the greatest prospect of success. Parents need to be alert to the subtle misshapen ears if this non-surgical approach is to be used early and successfully.

With the invention of EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction System, a non-surgical procedure that corrects newborn ear deformities, potential social stigmas can be prevented at an early phase. EarWellTM is used to correct over 90% of all infant ear deformities that include prominent and constricted ears.

It works by remolding the cartilage of the deformed ear and transform it into the appearance of a ‘normal’ ear. The ability to mould the ears non-invasively relies on the leftover circulating estrogen in the early life of the infants as it contributes to the high cartilage flexibility. There is a 90% success rate when the treatment is done when the infant is between 3-14 days of birth.

“We are very excited to introduce EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction System in Singapore, a non-surgical procedure that corrects newborn ear deformities. KKH is proud to work together with NeoAsia, as the first company to bring this technology into the country,” said plastic surgeon consultant, Dr. Chia Hui Ling. 

The EarWellTM device is to be constantly worn for 6 to 8 weeks in order to re-position the infants’ ears and corrects their shape permanently. A change of every 2 weeks is also necessary. Its simple design allows positive transformation to be made on the different types and severities of ear deformity. This non-surgical treatment can be learnt and performed at any convenience.

The EarWellTM System consists of four basic parts:
1.A posterior shell or cradle that fits over the ear and adheres to the skin behind the ear 2.A retractor that shapes the rim of the ear
3.A conchal former that shapes the center of the ear
4.An anterior shell or cradle that holds all of the parts together

Using these 4 parts, the EarWellTM System reshapes the cartilage of the deformed ear into the desired curvature of a normal ear. As noted earlier, over 90% of the babies treated with the EarWellTM Correction System have gotten good to excellent results.


Developed by Dr. Steve Byrd, with the team at Becon Medical, EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction System is a non-surgical procedure that predictably corrects all 7 types of infant ear deformities with over 90% success rate.

Common ear deformities such as prominent ear, Stahl's ear, cup ear, lop ear, lidding, helical compression, and conchal crus can be successfully treated with the EarWellTM Infant Ear Correction System. Even the less severe Tanzer II constricted ear malformations are corrected or improved with the EarWellTM. This new system offers hope for thousands of parents and children with ear deformity nationwide.

Deformities of the ear occur frequently in newborn infants. A Baylor University study revealed that up to 30% of children have some type of ear deformity at birth. Typically, physicians tell parents that these deformities will get better as the child grows older. They reassure the parents by saying that if the ear does not correct itself, then the child can undergo corrective ear surgery to correct the ear when he or she is around 7-12 years of age.

Following more than 250 in vivo clinical applications, EarWellTM System was found to hold a success rate of over 90%.

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Cleft & Craniofacial Centre Women’s Tower Level 5 100 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229899

Tel: 6394 5034/1521


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Tel: 6394 5057
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