Singapore, September 2013 – TCS is proud to be the first clinic in Singapore to introduce robotic hair restoration services. Using this FDA approved system from the US, the ARTAS robot is able to treat hair loss problems like male pattern baldness, hair loss due to excessive pulling & hair tying, eyebrow plucking and aging. With the ARTAS® Robotic Procedure, your skilled physician utilizes advanced digital technology and precision robotics to give you fuller, healthy looking hair. Permanent hair from the back of the head is transplanted into thinning areas, growing naturally as before. With a naturally looking hair that you can wear in any style with confidence, ARTAS® System is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure facilitating quick recovery and permanent hair restoration results. With no linear scar, this procedure is ultimately branded as Hair Restoration RedefinedTM. The ARTAS Robotic System’s easy-to-use controls and proprietary algorithms result in a nearly undetectable donor area with key features including: • High-resolution digital imaging for rapid, micron-level targeting accuracy • Image-guided robotic alignment for speed and precision beyond manual techniques • Minimally invasive dissection that delivers healthy, intact grafts with nearly non-detectable harvest sites The ARTAS Robotic System enables hair restoration physicians with the power of advanced imaging and precision robotics. Every component in the system is precision engineered to work seamlessly and intuitively in your hands. As an extension of a doctor's clinical skill, the ARTAS Robotic System delivers the speed, accuracy and reproducibility to help you achieve better outcomes with every procedure. -ENDS- About Restoration Robotics, Inc Restoration Robotics, Inc., a privately held medical device company, is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of hair transplantation by developing and commercializing its state-of-the-art image-guided ARTAS® System. This interactive, computer assisted system uses image guided technology and precision robotics to enhance the quality of hair follicle harvesting for the benefit of physicians and their patients. To learn more about the ARTAS System and its unique technology, visit or For more information, kindly contact Publicist PR Cecilia Tan Publicist PR Consultants T: 6220 4082 E: w: ###