Aveda Light the Way Candle 2013 Earth Month


Aveda Light the Way™ Candles help provide clean water in communities all around the world – a small price to make a big difference

SINGAPORE (JANUARY 2, 2013) – What difference can $35 make? If spent in April 2013 – also known as Earth Month at Aveda – on a Light the Way™ Candle, $35 can
make a major difference. Aveda donates one hundred percent of the purchase price from Light the Way™ Candle to Global Greengrants Fund, a non-profit organization that channels high-impact grants to grassroots groups working to solve pressing environmental problems. Aveda and Global Greengrants Fund have worked together for more than six years, focusing since 2007 on funding clean-water projects.

$35 may not seem like much, but depending on where you are in the world, a little money can go a long way in improving living conditions. In Morocco, $35 supports the purchase of eight meters of piping to transport drinking water, and in India, one year of water conservation, health and hygiene education for a family. In Chile, $35 supports one day work for an activist fighting construction of a dam that would flood her home, or a one-year supply of clean drinking water for a person in Madagascar.

“Aveda’s support makes an enormous difference to Global Greengrants Fund and our goal of creating a sustainable world,” said Global Greengrants Fund Executive Director, Terry Odendahl. “Partnering with local communities, we have protected over 700 watersheds, lakes and rivers, and have supported over 20,000 women working for clean water in their communities. All of this is made possible by the sale of Light the Way Candles, and the salon owners who participate. We are grateful to the Aveda community for their visionary support!”

This year’s Light the Way™ Candle carton is beautifully decorated with artwork made by students of the Association School in Ampasimanjeva, Madagascar, a village that has received two Global Greengrants Fund grants1 for water projects. The children, who previously had drunk from a dirty, crocodile-infested river, created drawings to show how their lives changed after the community built a safe community water source close to home.

The Light the Way™ Candles are held in 100 percent reclaimed glass beverage bottles. The carton that holds the Candle is made from 70 percent PCR paperboard, with a portion made from Aveda ‘make-ready’ materials, or, sheets of scrap paperboard that would normally go into the recycling stream. The 2013 Light the Way Candle features a new Madagascar-inspired aroma, blended with one hundred percent certified organic essential oils including vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang, all sourced from Madagascar.

Since 1999 the Aveda network has raised more than $26 million to help support organizations that directly affect environmental change; since 2007, $20 million of this amount has been earmarked for water-related causes. Aveda’s heritage of environmental and social responsibility has grown of its founding vision to sustainably produce high-performance, botanically-based beauty products. Aveda’s innovation in botanical technologies, energy conservation, recycled packaging and waste reduction have broadened and deepened as its business has grown – proving that “nature works” for society, environment and the bottom line.

$35 / March 21, 2013 – while supplies last

Available in Aveda salons, spas and experience centres.

Founded in 1978 in Minneapolis, MN, Aveda creates high performance, botanically-based products for beauty professionals and consumers. The company continues to innovate in botanical technologies, drawing inspiration from the principles of green science with ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to develop performance-driven, plant-based hair, skin, body and make-up products, and a comprehensive menu of ritual-based treatments for head-to-toe beauty.

Throughout the years, Aveda has pioneered new benchmarks of environmental responsibility in beauty, having been the first privately-owned company to sign the Ceres Principles in 1989 (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) and the first beauty company in the world to manufacture with 100 percent wind power2. Aveda was also the first beauty company to receive a Cradle To Cradle charter for its commitment to sustainable products, packaging and production. Since 1999, Aveda’s annual Earth Month campaign, held each April, has raised more than $26 million to support environmental projects around the world.

More than half of the fastest growing and best-run salons in the U.S. are Aveda distributors3. Aveda products are available in Aveda Experience Centers and more than 7,000 professional hair salons and spas in more than 30 countries and at www.aveda.com.

Global Greengrants Fund makes high-impact grants to grassroots groups seeking to solve pressing environmental problems all over the world. Global Greengrants Fund grantees protect the Earth, restore ecosystems that have been destroyed, and transform the systems that created the problems in the first place. Over its twenty year history, Global Greengrants Fund has made over 7,000 grants in 142 countries, totaling $37 million. For more information and to find success stories, go to www.greengrants.org.

1 2009 and 2010
2 Per a review of WWD Beauty Report International Top 100 Cosmetic Manufacturers’ Corporate Websites in
April 2007. The wind energy goes into a utility grid from which Aveda draws power.

3 2011 Salon Today 200 – Honoring Salon Growth and Best Business Practices

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