Delight your house guests this Hari Raya with deliciously cooked ‘ketupat’ and ‘kueh’ baked with Tefal’s Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker





Delight your house guests this Hari Raya with deliciously cooked ‘ketupat’ and ‘kueh’ baked with Tefal’s Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker

This new innovative, multi-tasking cooker not only deliciously cooks your ‘ketupat’, but also perfectly bakes your ‘kueh’!




Singapore, 5 June 2017 – Anyone who receives a constant stream of guests during the festive Hari Raya season will appreciate the innovation behind Tefal’s new Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (Model no: RK8045). Multi-tasking (you can choose from ‘Stew’, ‘Slow Cook’ and even ‘Bake’), time-saving and promising irresistibly fluffy rice every time, this is the kitchen innovation you want in your kitchen to delight your stream of guests this Hari Raya!


The secret behind delicious, fluffy rice and ‘lontong’? Its innovative spherical and induction pot technology (exclusive to Tefal)


With the Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker, the days of fretting over under-cooked or over-cooked rice is now over. The combination of Tefal’s exclusive induction technology and spherical pot delivers evenly-balanced heat distribution within the pot, allowing for homogenous cooking and delicious fluffy rice every time.


Inspired by the traditional methods of cooking rice over the fire, Tefal’s innovative spherical pot are orbed at a 62 degree angle at the brim and bottom to encourage even heat circulation by swirling rice grains circularly rather than vertically. Its 2D spherical heating technology emits heat from the sides and bottom of the pot. This, coupled with its induction pot feature where an electric current from external vessel creates a magnetic field, generating a surrounding efficient heating convection, creates the optimal heat for homogenous and deliciously cooked rice.


The ultimate time-saving (and space-saving) kitchen solution for the busy Hari Raya host



Anyone who’s ever prepared a meal can relate to the wistfulness of a rice cooker than can do it all. With the RK8045 Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker, this is now a reality. This versatile, multi-tasking pot cooker not only delivers homogenous cooking for the perfect rice texture, it also comes with a ‘Bake’ option that lets you bake those delicious festive ‘kueh’!


With its 1.8L capacity, the cooker also feeds up to 14 people at one cook, making it the ultimate time-saving solution for those busy Hari Raya parties. The unique Induction Spherical technology allows for precise temperature control and faster heating speed, while its latest Fuzzy Logic Technology instinctively determines the ideal cooking time and temperature for you. No more overcooked rice or stressing over multiple rice-cooking sessions with a smaller rice pot - just satisfied grins around the dinner table.


Key Features of the new RK8045 Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker


  1. Latest Induction Spherical technology, with precise temperature control and faster heating speed, promises deliciously-cooked rice every time

  2. Latest Fuzzy Logic Technology - Instinctively determines the ideal cooking time and temperature using an integrated thermal sensor.

  3. Choose from 48 cooking programs: White rice, Brown rice, Glutinous Rice, Congee, Porridge, Claypot, Steam, Soup, Reheat and Keep Warm

  4. DIY Mode – Quick & easy program that lets you preset recipes to your preferred time and temperature

  5. Inner pot measures 2mm thick with 6 layers of nano ceramic coating

  6. Transparent lid – Ideal for monitoring

  7. 1.8L capacity

  8. Versatility – All-in-one solution for cooking (even lets you bake too!)

  9. Delayed start option – Lets you preset the time you want to start cooking


Availability and Price

Priced at $449 – regular price, the Tefal Induction Spherical Pot Rice Cooker (Model no.: RK8045) is available at leading electrical and departmental stores.


As part of the Tefal 61 Promotions, Tefal is offering customers a $61x3 discount on the item, which means it will be available at $266 from mid-May onwards!


For more information about Tefal, please visit the website and follow Tefal on Facebook for its latest news.



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