Hairdreams launches ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ hair creation in support of Breast Cancer Awareness

Singapore, August 2015 — This October, everyone will be invited to go pink from head to toe. Apart from wearing your favourite pink outfit for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Hairdreams hopes to invite everyone to don a pink hue on your head! Hairdreams is joining in the pink fold by offering pink hair creations during the months of September and October. Every salon client who donates $500 or more, will receive a set of Hairdreams’ ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ Hair Creation. All proceeds will directly benefit the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Distinctly pink, luxurious, and eye­catching, ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ hair creation is available exclusively at Hairdreams Couture Salon. Hairdreams will also be pleased to invite participants to visit us at the Pink Hair Pop Up Salon on the Pink Ribbon walk on 3 October 2015.

The idea of ‘Pink Hair For Hope’ aims to inspire women and men to show their personal support for a great cause. Through the unique creations, Hairdreams hopes to raise much needed funds for breast cancer awareness. In Singapore, over 25% of the cancer diagnoses in women are breast cancers, with more than 1,800 cases each year, according to statistics by National Cancer Centre Singapore. To many women, hair and confidence work hand in hand. The loss of hair can deal an especially crippling blow to women’s self­confidence. A recent study revealed that nearly 60% of women consider hair loss the most dreaded side effect they face when undergoing chemotherapy.

Each ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ hair creation package costs $80, and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation and is available for the whole month of September and October. This includes the application of the stripes, wash and blow dry, and subsequent removal at the salon. This hair creation lasts up to three months, giving those in support a chance to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer.

In addition, Hairdreams Consultant will also be providing moral support to restore confidence through the use of natural hair creations. A team of hair consultants will be providing on­the­spot counselling. Participants can also enjoy on­the­spot application of the ‘Pink Hair for Hope’ hair creation. Clients will be offered private and confidential appointments at Hairdreams Salon.

About Hairdreams

Hairdreams is an international leading luxury brand that is known for their work with celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games and Lady Gaga's outfits. Using high technology, Hairdreams is able to create voluminous and edgy mid­length looks or glamorous long styles with latest innovation such as intelligent hair matrix (IHM) and intelligent hair skin (IHS) and their Laserbeamer Nano. Hairdreams are reusable tape­in hair creations for instant lengthening, thickening, color and style. Fill ups are self­adhesive strips made from an ultra­light microfiber gauze with Hairdreams® 100% human hair.

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