Singapore, June 2012 – After years of unprecedented success in the hair care industry, Organix is thrilled to launch a new Bath & Body Collection. While maintaining its position as one of the fastest growing top 10 hair care brands in the USA, Organix is ready to take on bath and body care with the introduction of formulas from three best-selling Organix scents including Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk, Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil and Soothing Teatree Peppermint. The collection features creamy lotions and lathering body washes. With a scent for everyone, the Bath & Body Collection provides the perfect complement to Organix hair care favourites, while nourishing your whole body – from head to toe. The Organix Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Collection includes: Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Cashmere Body Cream - $14.90 Indulge the senses and treat skin to the Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Cashmere Body Cream. Perfect for extra dry areas like elbows and knees, the cream has an innovative moisture lock system that leaves skin feeling silky smooth all day. Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Cashmere Body Wash - $14.90 Cleanse and restore skin with the Cherry Blossom Rice Milk Cashmere Body Wash. The formula creates a rich and creamy lather for healing and hydration, leaving skin soft and clean. (Ingredients Include Cherry Blossom Antioxidants, Sugar Cane, Willow Bark, Rice Milk and Bamboo Extract) The Organix Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Collection includes: Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Wash - $14.90 Made with Argan Oil that is cold pressed to retain its naturally occurring nutrients, the Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Body Wash creates a rich lather that absorbs quickly and leaves skin looking noticeably radiant. Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Lotion - $14.90 The Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Body Lotion is a luxurious and lightweight formula that glides on smooth and absorbs instantly for radiant skin. (Ingredients Include Moroccan Argan Oil, Sugar Cane, Willow Bark, Rice Milk and Bamboo Extract) The Organix Soothing Teatree Peppermint Collection includes: Soothing Teatree Peppermint Calming Body Lotion - $14.90 This skin relieving lotion has an exclusive moisture lock system that cools and calms irritated and extra dry skin. Formulated with tea tree and peppermint extracts to instantly absorb without any grease or residue, skin feels clean and refreshed. Soothing Teatree Peppermint Cooling Body Wash - $14.90 The Teatree Peppermint Cooling Body Wash works into a light lather, utilizing peppermint oils to soften skin and lock in moisture for an all day cooling effect. (Ingredients Include Teatree, Peppermint Extract, Sugar Cane, Willow Bark, Rice Milk and Bamboo Extract) Organix® Body and Bath range is available exclusively at Watsons. For high resolution images, kindly download from this link: http://wtrns.fr/1bBHWqEXkSnUwm About Organix® Organix® is a salon-inspired hair care line that offers over 50 products to effectively cleanse, condition, treat and style all hair types. Organix® hair care products are designed for the consumer who aspires to make better choices and are more aware of the integrity of ingredients. Organix® formulas contain active organic ingredients that are created for the ultimate hair care indulgence. All Organix® products are sulfate-free and are packaged in eco-friendly bottles manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. All labels are printed using environmentally friendly inks and compostable label film made from annually renewable resource corn, not from petrochemicals. ABOUT PUBLICIST PR CONSULTANTSPublicist PR embraces the ever-evolving role of public relations, marketing and social media in the retail fashion industry. Helmed by a team of fashion. PR and marketing experts who have their pulse on the industry, we've been dishing out the industry inside scoop since 2005 – making us practically indispensable to brands who want their have their stories told. We remain ever ready to be paired with clients desiring nothing short of a dynamic PR agency with great ideas and tactics to keep you outfitted for success.For more media information and press loans, please contact Publicist PR Consultants.Cecilia TanPublicist PR C onsultantsT: 6220 4082 /9835 1082 E: cecilia@publicistpr.com        w: www.publicistpr.com