NeoAsia Singapore today announced the launch of clinically proven SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift featuring breakthrough professional strength Aminofil™, a novel tyrosine amino acid derivative (N-Acetyl Tyrosinamide) that delivers a rapid volumizing effect in the deep skin matrix to visibly reduce deep facial lines and wrinkles. New two-step Line Lift joins the Company's SKIN ACTIVE line of advanced comprehensive antiaging skincare products available exclusively through professional dermatology offices. The company is showcasing the product for doctors this week during the American Academy of Dermatology annual meeting in Miami, FL.

"SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift with Aminofil™ represents a cosmeceutical paradigm shift with a novel molecule designed as a targeted treatment for deep lines and wrinkles," said Patricia Farris, MD, a leading dermatologist and Associate Professor of Medicine at Tulane University Medical School. "Now, for the first time, patients will see visible lifting in difficult to treat target areas with this product as part of their daily homecare."

The SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift duo is an elegant, easy-to-use, two-step treatment. Applied together twice daily, it targets deep expression lines, such as scowl lines (glabellar), crow's feet, eye area crepiness, smoker's (lip) lines, and smile (nasolabial) lines. Line Lift contains NeoStrata proprietary SynerG 13.0 formulations featuring Aminofil™, NeoCitriate™ and NeoGlucosamine®.  These ingredients work together synergistically to help build glycosaminoglycans, including hyaluronic acid, and collagen to volumize the deep skin matrix and visibly lift lines that can't be addressed by an antiaging skincare regimen alone.

Ideal for a Variety of Patients

Complements a daily antiaging regimen to target deep lines and wrinkles

Excellent adjunct to cosmetic procedures such as peels, microdermabrasion and light therapies

An option for younger and needle phobic patients who may not be ready for injectables

May add complementary volumizing effects when used with injectable neurotoxins

Targets otherwise hard to treat areas like smoker's lines (perioral rhytides)

Clinically Proven

A progressive series of studies was conducted with Aminofil™ including a 16-week, double-blind, vehicle-controlled clinical study of SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift for which Dr. Farris was the medical monitor. In the study, Line Lift outperformed the vehicle with statistical significance (p<0.05) on all clinically graded parameters that included crow's feet, nasolabial, glabellar and undereye areas.  Doctors and patients observed visible improvements in targeted deep lines and wrinkles as early as 4 weeks with continued improvement through week 16. Patients observed that these lines and wrinkles were less noticeable, appeared to be lifted, and that skin looked and felt firmer.

The study included women with moderate photodamage and rhytides on at least one of the following: glabellar area, nasolabial folds and crows feet (N=70). The subjects, Caucasian women aged 40 – 65, applied steps 1 and 2 or their vehicles twice daily after cleansing for 16 weeks. Non-medicated cleanser was used and daytime moisturizer SPF 20 and night moisturizer were standardized.

"NeoStrata's SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift with Aminofil™ continues our company's 25 year scientific leadership in ingredient discovery and innovation that started with Alpha Hydroxy Acids," said Barbara Green, R.Ph., Vice-President of Clinical Affairs at NeoStrata.  "The introduction of this product underscores our commitment to dermatologists and their patients to develop the very best in clinically proven antiaging homecare formulations."

SKIN ACTIVE Line Lift is available exclusively through professional dermatology offices and their online outlets. To find them online, visit or

SKIN ACTIVE Family of Products

Line Lift expands the SKIN ACTIVE core 4 product daily regimen, launched in 2011.  The line also includes SKIN ACTIVE Serums and SKIN ACTIVE Perfecting Peel, which debuted last year. These products deliver outstanding skin rejuvenation effects, including clinically proven improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, crow's feet, sagging and uneven pigmentation.


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