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Singapore - December 2014 - Collegiate, Retro, Businesslike or Cheeky? Change your eyewear to suit occasions and moods. Tokyo Star Optical at CityLink Mall makes cool Japanese eyewear fashion accessible to all.

From perfectly groomed fashionistas to teenagers and hipsters wanting to stand out, why should the optically challenged be stuck with one eyewear look?

The trend of prescription glasses becoming a part of face dressing gained popularity over the last few years as Korean and Japanese artistes added funky spectacle frames to their wardrobes. The look caught on, even inspiring the ones with perfect eyesight to don eyeglasses without power, just to join the modish crowd.

Tokyo Star Optical Founder, Mr. Shoichi Fujimoto says, “Shopping for eyewear should be like shopping for clothes. From casual to professional or sporty, a different eyewear is needed to match a different outfit.”

The latest Tokyo Star Optical collection reflects the constant fascination with retro fashion as well as combination of new materials like wood and steel. Here are the top 16 designs from Tokyo Star Optical, featuring frames in tortoiseshell, floral prints, thick and thin frames, and half or no frames - a selection that will take you from smart to hip.

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Tokyo Star Optical, an optical concept store, was first established in 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, Tokyo Star Optical has had 14 concept stores all over Asia since its inception. 13 of its stores are located in major shopping malls such as Aeon, all over Tokyo and its 14th store is located in CityLink Mall, Singapore in November 2014 - the first flagship store outside Japan.

The 786 square foot store adopts a private-label strategy - Tokyo Star Optical produces their own- brand eyewear. Tokyo Star Optical offers 3 fixed package prices - $96, $126 and $156 - includes imported frames and Tokyo aspheric lens. With an extensive range of over 1,200 distinctive Tokyo style elements to choose from, the optical glasses are specially crafted for the avid Tokyo style followers, breathing new life with every frames. Not only are they available in an array of styles, they are also lightweight, with the lightest being a mere 6.5 grams.

Adopting a 3-step process, customers are able to get their glasses with a fast processing time of 15 minutes. It begins when the customers choose their desired frame, followed by the lens and lastly, the case. Should customers seeking expert opinion, they can consult dedicated Tokyo Star Optical’s eyewear advisors for professional advice or assessment. The eyewear advisors guides customers through every step of the process - selecting eyewear that is most suitable to the occasion, meeting customers’ needs and functionality, enhancing their strong features, complementing their overall look and style preference, and lastly comfort and fit.

Tokyo Star Optical is located at 1 Raffles Link, #B1-31 CityLink Mall, Singapore 039393 and is open daily from 11am to 9pm. Tel: (+65) 6532 0071

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