SINGAPORE – 29 July 2013 – Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre brings a new generation of surround sound to the homes of entertainment enthusiasts with the launch of five media centre systems that have the connections, sound quality and power to bring movies and music to life. The new home cinema systems combine 3D playback with a wide range of features including wireless capability, vTuner internet radio, external HDD playback and copying, and no less than four HDMI inputs to connect a multitude of sources. Pioneer’s new media centre systems are based around a main Blu-ray system unit, combined with various speaker configuration options.
Masayoshi Ishikubo, Senior General Manager of Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre comments: “As consumers demand entertainment systems that not only perform to the highest level, but connect to a variety of mobile devices allowing them enjoy audio playback from their music library as well as online media, flexibility in connectivity options has become an increasingly important focus for Pioneer. With these new introductions, Pioneer continues to provide innovative technology that delivers high quality audio and video in a stylish and flexible package.”

Connectivity advancements

All systems come with a front panel USB port for easy access to all music, videos and photos stored on an external hard drive. In addition, the front USB provides a direct digital connection to an iPod, iPhone or iPad. A USB input on the rear makes it easy to copy files from an external hard drive directly onto another USB device and via a built-in USB Rec function, the user can make high-quality MP3 files via CD ripping or recording from FM radio.

With 4 HDMI inputs, the media centre systems can connect with multiple digital components such as a set-top box, gaming console, camcorder and more. Each system is equipped with two microphone inputs for those who enjoy karaoke singing.

Wireless entertainment options

Connected to the internet, the new media centre systems open up a whole world of extra possibilities. With vTuner on board, users can enjoy access to thousands of internet radio stations from around the world.
For even more entertainment possibilities, Pioneer’s free ControlApp transforms a mobile device into the ultimate command centre. The app is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or at A dedicated app is also available as a free download for Android users via Google Play at

Wi-Fi Direct enables users to stream their music and videos from a mobile device to their system virtually anywhere and anytime, without a wireless router. YouTube videos and digital photos stored on Picasa can be streamed directly from the internet-connected home cinema system to an HDTV without any additional devices. Via the YouTube “send to TV” app, smartphone or tablet users can search for YouTube videos on their mobile device, stream them to the system and play them on a connected TV. Being DLNA certified, playback of audio, video and photo content stored on a compatible network, Mac, PC or media server is also possible.

Playback compatibility

To reinforce the impact of 3D movies, Pioneer developed Front Surround mode and Virtual 3D Sound, a technology which creates a virtual sound field from behind the screen.
With Front Surround mode there’s no need to position the speakers at different points in the room to create the striking realism of a 360° audio environment. The rear speakers can be placed in the front, alongside a TV, without losing the surround sound effect.

For those looking to add more bass, a Bass Boost mode offers an easy way to gain great sounding bass.
All models are capable of playing back Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, CDs and SACDs and offer compatibility with the most widespread video formats, including the smartphone specific 3gp file format, Flash video, DivX Plus HD and MKV. With audio, all key files are supported, from WMA to MP3, AAC and the lossless audio codec FLAC.

Model configuration

Pioneer’s new media centre systems offer various speaker formations to fit any home entertainment space. The main differentiating points between the systems are iPhone, iPod and iPad connectivity, Wi-Fi and a large subwoofer: both features are found on the “advanced” line, while not on the “regular” models. All models deliver high power output, up to 1000 W in a 5.1 configuration.

Advanced Models:
• MCS-838 - 5.1 channel with 4 tall speakers, a centre speaker and a large subwoofer. With four sophisticated tall speakers, this system is perfect for those wishing to make home cinema core to their living space. Combined performance is 170 W x 4 + centre 170 W + subwoofer 170 W.
• MCS-636 - 5.1 channel with 2 tall speakers and 2 satellite speakers, a centre speaker and a large subwoofer. With 2 tall and 2 satellite speakers, this system is versatile for those like a combination of tall and satellite speakers in their living space. Combined performance is 170 W x 4 + centre 170 W + subwoofer 170 W.
• MCS-434 - 5.1 channel with 4 compact satellite speakers, a centre speaker and large subwoofer. Combining performance and a stylish finish in a more compact design, this system is a great option for those who enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound, but prefer smaller speakers that blend into the environment. Combined performance is 170 W x 4 + centre 170 W + subwoofer 170 W.

Regular models:
• MCS-535 - 5.1 channel with 4 tall speakers, centre speaker and a large subwoofer. With two black tallboy speakers and 2 satellite speakers, this system makes an imposing statement in the living room. Combined performance is 170 W x 4 + centre 170 W + subwoofer 170 W.
• MCS-333 - 5.1 channel with 4 compact satellite speakers, centre speaker and a large subwoofer. This system’s compact satellite speakers are small enough to be mounted unobtrusively in the living room. Combined performance is 170 W x 4 + centre 170 W + subwoofer 170 W.


The MCS-838, MCS-636, MCS-535, MCS-434 and MCS-333 media centre systems will be available from August 2013 onwards at Pioneer authorized dealers.

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