Singapore, July 2012 – Restore your skin’s youthfulness with Organix® Ever Ageless Cherry Blossom Skincare Range. This irresistable collection includes a delicate blend of age defying cherry blossom extracts along with sophisticated formulas that capture the essence of rare and exotic fruits and botanicals to help preserve skin’s youthful resources, reinforce defenses and restore a visibly ageless looking skin.

The Organix® Ever Ageless Cherry Blossom Skincare Range includes:
Organix Cherry Blssom Poppy Delicate Cleansing Milk - $17.90
Daily cleansing is a first step to beautifully soft and smooth skin. Cleanse and restore skin’s moisture with Cherry Blossom Poppy Delictae Cleansing Milk. With a sweet floral blend of age defying cherry blossom extracts and nourishing lotus flower milk combined with soothing poppy extracts, this delicate cleansing milk gently removes make-up and impurities, while protecting your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Organix Cherry Blssom Rose Water Refreshing Floral Toner - $17.90
Made with an irresistible infusion of age defying cherry blossom extracts and exotic passion flower, the Cherry Blossom Rose Water Refreshing Floral toner helps tighten pores, leaving skin refreshed, clean and toned, while soothing rose water and pot marigold helps defend skin’s natural moisture.

Organix Cherry Blossom Apple Stem Cells Rejuvenating Serum - $39.90
The Cherry Blossom Apple Stem Cells Rejuvenating Serum is an exclusive blend of Swiss apple stem cells that revives elasticity and firmness. Combined with a new natural retinol and peptide technology to help counteract signs of aging, the cherry blossom extracts and delicate orchid milk nourishes and locks in moisture for optimal smoothness.

Organix Cherry Blossom Argan Oil Replenishing Night Cream - $28.90
Renew your youthful appearance and rosy glow with this exotic powerhouse, containing fair trade argan oil rich in vitamin E, age defying cherry blossom extracts, along with a botanical substitute for hyaluronic acid that replenish the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, all while improving skin’s overall health and beauty.

Organix Cherry Blossom Lotus Floral Exfoliator - $17.90
This Cherry Blossom Lotus Floral Exfoliator has an alluring blend of cherry blossom extracts which instantly revives skin’s appearance, along with fine buffing grains from nourishing lotus seeds and organic cherry pits to stimulate skin renewal, while gently exfoliating dead skin cells.

Organix Cherry Blossom Raspberry Instant Lifting Mask - $17.90
An irresistible infusion of cherry blossom extracts and raspberry seed oil delivers omega 3 and 6 ceramides, creating instant lift as rose hips seed oil moisturizes, while replenishing skin with vitamin C, D, E and antioxidant flavonoids for youthful firmness.

Organix Cherry Blossom Orchard Anti-Aging Lotion SPF 15 – $24.90
Minimize wrinkles and shield your skin from free radicals with this alluring blend of cherry blossom extracts. Along with antioxidant rich orchid nectar, Cherry Blossom Orchard Anti-Aging Lotion helps to visibly reduce fine lines and shields your skin from free radicals, while ceramides promote skin’s optimal moisture.

Organix® Ever Ageless Cherry Blossom Skincare Range is available exclusively at Watsons.

About Organix®
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