STENDERS launches new flagship store in Singapore

Singapore, 14 August 2015 - STENDERS, a nature-inspired cosmetics brand, will open its flagship store at Plaza Singapura in early Q4 2015. Get ready for a mind-blowing sensory experience in a fragrant garden of products designed for pleasure.

STENDERS, one of the biggest cosmetics producers in Northern Europe, celebrates joie de vivre with attention to everything affecting mood and feelings – from design and product presentation to customer care. Whether one is a seeker of serenity, romance, balance or inspiration, there is something in the STENDERS wide variety of products that will answer your call.

Founded in 2001 by Janis Berzins and Zane Dreimane, the Latvian brand now boasts a catalogue of 320 products, available in 225 boutiques across 23 countries, mainly in Europe but also in Japan, China and Saudi Arabia. While STENDERS is proud of their skin and haircare products, they are especially famous for their bath and body care range comprising handcrafted luxury soaps made with natural plant extracts, essential oils and dried herbs.

To promote international brand recognition, STENDERS has planted itself in Southeast Asia. To match the brand’s feel-good message of optimism and positivity, expect vibrant in-store ambience and friendly store assistants who will gladly share ideas and offer advice.

Welcome to the STENDERS lifestyle of scents and sensibility.


Founded in 2001, STENDERS is a Latvian retail brand specialising in nature-inspired skincare and cosmetics.


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