The Tefal Multicook & Grains rice cooker deliciously and nutritiously cooks your favourite grains to perfection


Healthy Eats:

The Tefal Multicook & Grains rice cooker

deliciously and nutritiously cooks your favourite grains to perfection




23 June 2017 – From quinoa and spelt to oats and brown rice, super grains are touted to fight cancer, reduce the risk of heart disease and more, making them an essential part of anyone’s diet. Now, in addition to enjoying them at restaurants and salad bars, you can cook your own delicious fluffy super grains right at home thanks to Tefal’s new Multicook & Grains rice cooker!


All the precious nutrients in your grains preserved with Tefal’s exclusive Nutri+ technology


If you want a rice cooker that perfects the cook for all grain types without suffering loss of nutrients during the cook, Tefal’s new Multicook & Grains rice cooker is the must-have appliance for your kitchen and healthy meal preps.


This unique cooker boasts of an exclusive patented technology, Nutri+, that preserves more nutrients (vitamins, minerals and such) in your grains. Compared to the standard rice cooker for instance, the Multicook & Grains preserves 50% more vitamin E in white rice, 135% more Vitamin B1 in white rice and 50% more iron and 60% more potassium in lentils.


Nutritional benefits offered:


  • White rice: +50% Vitamin E

  • Brown rice: +135% Vitamin B1

  • Lentils: +50% Iron, +60% Potassium, 64% Vitamin B1, 34% Vitamin B6, +35% Potassium & copper, 70% Vitamin B6, Removes phytic acid

  • Chickpeas: Removes phytic acid

  • Baby porridge: Texture is adapted according to different baby ages (between 4 to 14 months)


*Percentages refer to the %increase in nutrients preserved in grains cooked using the Tefal Multicook & Grains, in comparison to a standard rice cooker.


Easily (and quickly) create healthy, delicious meals for yourself and your family with over 80 versatile cooking programmes

With over 80 versatile cooking programmes to choose from, the possibilities are endless when preparing a meal with the Multicook & Grains rice cooker everyday! The cooker also features the My Recipe mode, which lets you easily save your 5 favourite recipes (with customized timings and temperature). Its Express Soaking mode (for beans) also lets you cook and enjoy your meals quickly!

The Multicook & Grains also offers varied textures to meet your preferences. Its patented technology lets you choose from 4 different cooking options: like the Nutri+, Quick, Normal and Soft, according to your desired texture.

Love your grains? If you are keen on experimenting with different recipes involving different grains, you’ll love the complimentary exclusive recipe book by acclaimed 3-star Michelin chef Régis Marcon, that comes accompanied with every purchase of the cooker!




Key Features:

  • Exclusive patented technology Nutri+ by Tefal to preserve more nutrients

  • Over 80 versatile cooking programmes

  • Host of practical features: express soaking (up to 10x faster for Beans Programme) and automatic keep-warm and delayed-start (up to 24 hours) functions, so your food is ready whenever you are

  • Features a 6-layer, 2mm thick inner pot with ceramic coating, a removable bowl, removable steam shield, removable inner lid, removable cord and steam basket

  • Dishwasher safe

The Tefal Multicook & Grain comes with a complimentary recipe book by 3 Michelin Star Chef Regis Marcon. It retails at $299 at Courts outlets island-wide.

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